Campo de Columpios is a modular superframe structure constructed of dimensional wood frame cubes which allows people to gather at a fun, safe, and comfortable distance.  Based on the 1.5m social distancing guidelines, the open nature of the pavilion allows for natural ventilation to flow constantly through the space while the materials promotes a fully transparent atmosphere while still allowing people to safety socialize. The wooden space frame is secured to steel frames to brace for lateral movement and cladded by perforated brick adobe bricks, partially revealing its skeleton. Carefully placed hammocks built by local craftspeople comfortably support the user. The structure’s modular nature also allows the project to be scaled up or down depending on the site and budget. In one possible scenario the structure can extend across the entirety of the park allowing trees to pierce through the canopy structure, and allowing for and infinite possibility of social interaction at a distance. The project can be easily assembled and disassembled allowing the pavilion to be translated to a different more permanent location. 
Bird's-eye view of structural canopy on Alameda Park
Social distanced modular principle. 
Social distanced modular principle. 

Modular Structural Assemblage