How do you create a sustainable community in the dessert? LAGI Fly Ranch's competition called for ideas to create just that. But what does it really take to live off the grid in a remote land? Would it really be that sustainable to live so far from the resources and commodities we've become so depend on? Would trucks carrying food and other supplies traveling miles in the desert to sustain a few inhabitants be so energy efficient? Or could it be possible to unshackle from outside commodities in order to become truly self sufficient?  This proposal focuses on two essential resources necessary to sustain human habitation, which could help create a truly sustainable community,  collecting water and growing food.  The structures called Geocatchers are structures designed to collect moisture from the air and convert it into usable water, the structures also provide shelter for crops as well as for people. Located near and around communal camp grounds, the structures would provide a place to gather and work on the production and even preparation of edible crops.