This kinetic sculpture  proposal utilizes the potential energy of its own weight, to store energy collected during the day through translucent solar panels in its petals.  During day, the fully open petals collect energy from the sun through translucent photovoltaic panels and produce a comfortable shade for its visitors. At its maximum open state each structure may produce up to 200 KWh, powering electric motors which will slowly lift the petals up (close).  At sunset, petals will have reached their closed position, and with the force of gravity will begin to fall. As the petals slowly open through the night, the rotation at their pivot point  power generators at the base which will illuminate the entire site. Therefore at its closed position the structure will become a lantern of translucent solar petals.   With its opening and closing, this self illuminating structure will announce a new era in sustainability, where art, energy production, and our built environment, can coexist symbiotically with one another.